Ever notice how a good website looks boring? Plain, drab, nothing to it, just it's there, but unmotivated and lazy. The ones you REALLY notice fall into one of two categories: beautiful and hideous. Of course, if the automotive industry is any indicator, someone's gonna love the ugly ones. So enjoy this beauty of a horror to behold. Here's more words to fill the real estate!

Let freedom reign

But hey, real estate ain't cheap, so if you're the kind of curious fellow that wants to see just how bad things can get when you click buttons needlessly, there's a FEW below. It's a lottery when you click 'em! But for those of you with FOMO or OCD or whatever, let me fill the void by giving my hot takes on automotive styles and other things.

Lifted trucks are practical. Both normal and carolina stance should be outlawed. Scissor doors that also open normally are practical for tight parking constraints and safe in a rollover condition. Fog lights should always operate independently of headlights. Subaru's Eyesight is unforgivable until paired with radar. The advice to drink more water was invented by Gatorade to sell more gatorade. Dehydration is real but not as prevalent as most people love to believe. We're done, now pick a lane!


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