Stanford Pain Scale

I kept seeing the Stanford Pain Scale in various formats, but invariably there were two problems with the image-based ones:

1 - They were small

2 - Either it was black and white, or if it had color then the level of 5 (five) became a level of 3 (three) arbitrarily.

So I fixed both problems. I have a few copies of this printed out and put on my wall in various spots. Having sensory issues and a history of injuries, it's a really good way for anyone to know a number and use that as a point of reference immediately for what I'm feeling. You're bloody welcome. Public domain since it is anyway.

I would also note that it's probably better to re-upload the pic elsewhere at least, it's only 808 KB (quite small despite its profane size) but on the off chance it gets moved to a different spot (or heaven forbid this site expires etc.), re-uploads would preserve the integrity. Hotlinking is more than fine as long as you're okay with knowing this, bandwidth is next to nothing.

Printable PDF (use this if you want to print it)

PNG image (also below, it's 2000px wide but HTML set to 800px below)

Inkscape SVG (if you're into that sort of thing)

ODT LibreOffice Writer (probably MSWord too -- page 2 is blank, can't seem to remove it)

Stanford Pain Scale

- Julietta

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